As I am actively preparing our upcoming trip to Italy, I discovered this little bubbly concoction served everywhere in Venice, apparently along with nibbles and bites before dinner. I have to admit, this is dangerously refreshing and it is rapidly becoming my favorite afternoon drink.

Watch out Venice, I am coming.

If you can’t find Aperol, replace it with Campari, but use about half the quantity as Campari is more bitter.

1/3 Aperol
1/3 prosecco
1/3 club soda
1 olive
lots of ice cubes
1 slice of orange (optional)

Just add plenty of ice cubes in your favorite glass and add the other ingredients.


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3 Comments on “Spritz”

  1. Jack Sterling
    July 24, 2012 at 16:55 #

    You no longer have to go through the mixing process. A brand called Riondo has iSpritz which is a pre-mix. Over ice and with an orange peel, its as good as spritz gets. Alcohol is 8.5 so not very dangerous at all.


  1. When in Florence… | Mon Food Blog - August 17, 2012

    [...] could find us at Volume, Piazza Santo Spirito, literally one block from our apartment, drinking a Spritz and snacking on a bruschetta with various toppings, fresh mozzarella balls with various pestos and [...]

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