Alphabetical index


Acqua pazza (halibut in)
Artichokes, like in Rome
Asparagus and lima bean salad


Bean sprout and cucumber salad
Beef carpaccio with lemon and fennel
Beef meatballs in tomato sauce
Beef stew with paprika
Beet salad
Bistecche alla cacciatora
Blanquette de veau
Borlotti bean and farro soup
Brodo abbrustolito
Bruschetta with chanterelles
Bruschetta with goat cheese and golden beets
Brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar and pancetta
Bucatini all’Amatriciana
Burmese egg curry
Burmese lemongrass sliders
Butter chicken risotto


Cabbage and cannellini bean soup
Cauliflower with sausage and olives
Cavatoni | Fresh porcini mushrooms | Bacon | Green peppercorns
Celery soup
Celery soup (with salami, egg and cheese)
Chard and saffron frittata
Chicken chili
Chicken, like in Modena
Chicken with grapes
Chickpea and bell pepper soup
Choucroute garnie
Crispy tofu with blistered tomatoes
Croatian cabbage rolls
Curried parsnip and green apple soup with cilantro oil


Eggplant parmigiana
Eggs in tomato sauce
End of summer veal stew


Fagiolini in umido
Farfalle in a rich beef broth
Fegato alla Veneziana
Fettuccine with Roman ragù
Filet mignon with speck and fava beans
Foie gras parfait with Madeira
Fresh mozzarella with avocado and soy
Frittata with broccoli and ham
Frittata with pancetta and peas
Fusilli lunghi with gorgonzola and fennel


Garnished chicken cutlet
Ginger plum oatmeal
Ginger-kissed strawberry shortcake
Gnocchi with fresh tomatoes, green olives and smoked mozzarella
Goat cheese bruschetta with golden beets
Grilled pizza


Halibut in acqua pazza
Halibut in zimino
Halibut | Swiss Chard | Tuscan beans | Rich wine sauce
Herb polenta with pork ragù


Indian chicken burger with raita
Indian style scrambled eggs
Insalata di burrata
Insalata invernale


Kale polenta


La Jota
Lamb and red bell pepper ragù
Lasagne alla Bolognese
Layered polenta cake with meat ragù
Lentil and sausage stew
Lentils and sausages
Linguine with crabmeat, radicchio and garlic
Linguine with ginger, garlic and hot peppers
Linguine with homemade sausage and fennel
Liver and onions
Lobster and pea risotto with brown butter


Malaysian beef and lentil curry
Malaysian Beef Rendang
Malaysian chicken curry
Mexican chicken burger
Minestra di farro (Garfagnana)
Minestrone, spring
Minestrone Verde
Minestrone, winter
Modenese-style chicken
Mushroom curry
Mushroom, celery and Pecorino salad
Mushrooms truffle pâté
Mustard crusted salmon | Leek tombée | Black olive tapenade


North Indian chicken curry


Olive oil and zucchini muffins
Onion, almond and cinnamon soup
Orange, fennel, olive and goat cheese salad
Orecchiette with broccoli and sausage
Osso buco alla milanese
Osso buco with fresh tomatoes and peas


Pan molle di Prato
Pappa al pomodoro
Pappardelle with duck ragù
Pasta e fagioli
Pasta e patate
Penne with pancetta, sausage and eggs
Poached salmon with salsa verde
Pollo alla Diavola with ginger sauce
Polpettine with zucchini and saffron
Polpettone alla bolognese
Pork loin braised in milk
Pork meatballs with leek
Potato salad (not your mama’s)
Prosciutto-wrapped white asparagus with mushroom truffle vinaigrette


Ragù alla bolognese
Ricotta malfatti with green pea pesto
Rigatoni gratin with cabbage and fontina
Rigatoni e pomodori al forno
Rigatoni with smoked gouda, prosciutto and peas
Rigatoni | Leek | Sausage | Saffron | Cream
Risi e bisi
Risotto alle fragole
Risotto with sausage, borlotti beans and spinach
Roman-style lamb
Rosa di Parma


Saag khumb (spinach and mushrooms)
Salsiccia con uva (sausage with grapes)
Savoury cake with prosciutto, chèvre and pear
Scallops with mushroom and saffron ragù
Sirloin steak with cauliflower purée and caper salsa
Smoked salmon with horseradish crème fraîche
Spaghetti alla puttanesca
Spaghetti alla puveriello
Spaghetti and meatballs
Spaghetti frittata with spring onions and pecorino
Spaghetti with sausage, zucchini and fried egg
Spaghetti with tomato and apple sauce
Spaghetti with white meat ragù
Spelt and chestnut soup
Spring minestrone with mint and basil pesto
Steak au poivre
Steak tartare
Stuffed frittata with aubergine and goat cheese
Stuffed pork tenderloin
Stuffed zucchini with chicken and cilantro


Tagliatelle with chicken liver ragù
The food of Rome
Tian, vegetable
Timballo di cavolo ripieno
Toasted flour soup
Tomato tart (not just any)
Turnips in green olive pesto
Tuscan bean and tuna salad
Tuscan bread and bean soup
Tuscan chicken with artichokes and green olives
Tuscan chickpea torte


Veal rolls
Veal scaloppine with porcini and Marsala
Veal shanks braised in beer
Veal stew with zucchini, peas and saffron
Vegetable tian
Vegetarian cabbage rolls
Vij’s mung beans in coconut curry


Warm goat cheese salad
When in Florence…
Winter minestrone
Winter salad with a warm prosciutto vinaigrette


Zucchini, celery and arugula salad
Zucchini frittata with ham and basil
Zucchini parmesan
Zucchini velouté with mint and feta

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